Conisborough U.D.C. – Bus Halts and Shelters – Allotments for Unemployed

December 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 12 December 1930

Conisborough U.D.C.

Bus Halts and Shelters

Allotments for Unemployed

The monthly meeting of the Conisborough Urban Council was held on Wednesday, Mr. G. A Chadfield presiding.

A certificate was received from the Royal Humane Society for presentation to John Brooke, a Denabv boy who effected a brave rescue from drowning last August. The Council were requested to make the presentation in as public a manner as possible.

Coun. J. I. Webster suggested that the headmaster of the school this boy attended (the Middle School) be asked to have the presentation made when the school broke up for the Christmas holiday. Parents and public could be invited. The suggestion was accepted.

King’s Roll.

The Clerk read a letter from the King’s Roll National Council drawing the attention of the Council to a resolution of the National Council that it was the duty of the Government in all contracts to make provision for the employment of disabled ex-Service men and to confine such contracts to men on the King’s National Roll.

The Clerk laid the National Council wanted them to become enrolled employers.

The Surveyor (Mr. H. Thirlwall) said they had not been letting any contracts for some time. Most of the firms from which they got material were on the King’s Roll.

‘Bus Halts.

In moving the minutes of the Sanitary and Highways Committee, Coun. Collins raised a point in connection with the trackless ‘buses. He said the Mexborough and Swinton Traction Company up to the present had no official halts, and there had been complaints of drivers not pulling up when people wanted to get on. It had been resolved to ask the Mexborough and Swinton Traction Company to establish halts in Conisborough.

Street Improvements.

Coun. Collins said that although the Denaby Main street improvement scheme had been submitted to the Ministry of Labour the Council found they would not be able to put the scheme into operation before Christmas. It was thus not likely they would be able to provide work for the unemployed before Christmas, though it was hoped that shortly after Christmas they would have some work for these men.


Speaking of the suggestion that a library should be provided in Denaby, Coun. Collins said the Miners’ Welfare Trustees had been suggested as a suitable building. “The room there is available,” he continued.” and the Council is getting into touch with the people responsible with a view to forming a library at Denaby.”


It had been decided to write to the County Council with respect to repairs to the road surface on the railway bridges in Crookhill Road and Clifton Hill. The Surveyor pointed out these bridges were not in their area.


Coun. B. Roberts raised a question about ‘bus shelters in Conisborough. He said there were such shelters in nearly every town. Pointing out that when men left the pit they often had to stand in exposed places in wet clothes, he asked if the Council could not install shelters.

The Clerk said this was the responsibility of the Mexborough and Swinton Traction Company.

Coun. Roberts: We ought to remind them about it. The Surveyor recalled that the Company had erected a shelter at Conanby that had now become a nuisance, and the Company had asked if the Council would remove it. It was decided that the Surveyor obtain information as to the position, and the matter was referred to the next meeting of the Highways Committee.

A motion of Coun. J.I. Webster that the Yorkshire Traction Company be asked to adhere to their recognised halts was carried.

Allotments for the Unemployed.

The Chairman (Mr. G. A. Chadfield), referring to the scheme for providing allotments for the unemployed, said a meeting would be held in the Denaby Welfare Hall on December 17th to which all unemployed men were invited.

A The Surveyor explained that this was the only meeting that would be held to cover the whole of their district. It was primarily for the unemployed who were interested in the allotments scheme, and whose views regarding it would be welcomed. The Council wanted to ascertain how many allotments would he required and the number of people who would take advantage of the scheme after the Bill authorising it had passed. The speaker at the meeting would be Mr. F. M Osborn, of Sheffield.


The Council has decided to nominate Conn. A. Roberts for a seat on the executive of the Local Authorities Superannuation Joint Committee.

An application to the unemployment Grants Committee for a grant towards the estimated cards of £7,800 for widening Park Road and extending to Sheffield Road is being made.