Denaby Utd – Denaby  1 Notts Forest Reserve 3 – Denaby Downhearted

24 December 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 24 December 1910

Denaby Downhearted

Denaby United  1 Notts Forest Reserve 3

If Denaby are not downhearted they must have at least have a feeling of depression somewhat seasonable. It is a long time since they were so badly placed in the league, and a longer time since support was so scanty. On Saturday they had another unhappy experiencing meeting with another home defeat. Notts Forest Reserve were the visitors, and they gained the verdict by three goals to one.

In doing this, they show themselves better “mudlarkers” than footballers. Denaby were still without Teddy Dyal, and the match evidenced that there was no one on the club books capable of nursing Jones, and finding for him scoring openings that Teddy so generously provided previous to his injury. Dyal, in fact, may be described as the missing link the Denaby attack, which for some weeks now, has by no means been up to standard form.

More Mud-larking

Even the coming of Dodsley has not found the front rank of flourishing. Against the Forest the forwards had beautiful chances, and it was positively wonderful how they repeatedly missed the mark when well placed. It was to this lamentable weakness in finishing that Denaby owed defeat, for, from start to finish, they acquired their full share of the play. There was nothing inspiring about the exchange, though at the outset it almost looked as if the teams were going to rise superior to circumstances. The muddy ground, the heavy ball, and the drizzling rain, told the editable tale, an ere long had the pace died down, and the football deteriorated to the ragginess of poverty.

The first goal fell to the Forest after half an hour’s play, and it came from a penalty, probably converted by Dudley, the erstwhile first teamer, who, with Fisher, Horrocks and Derek, exhibited signs of their First League training.

Dodsley Ordered Off

Before the interval, Denaby twice should have equalised, but in each instance Fitton lunged wildly wide of a yawning goal. The second half was a repetition in style of the first, only more so. Denaby worked the ball close in, often enough, only to oblige Dudley and Goode with easy clearances.

Just at a period when Denaby were crowding on all sales for the equaliser, an incident occurred which cost them dear. Dodsley was making tracks for the Forest goal when Fisher jumped straight into him and laid him low. The Denaby wingers sprang to his feet and struck the Forrester, and was therefore interviewed by the referee and ordered off the field. Despite his absence, Denaby play with renewed vigour, and for a few minutes Lang was very conspicuous with some scorching centres and shops, from which the Forest goal narrowly escaped.

Quick Goals

Then the game took on a slower turn, and in a Forest attack Horrocks swung the ball across for Derrick to put the visitors further ahead. A lot more ploughing in the mud dragged the exchanges along but in the very last minute of the game, both sides scored a goal. Mercer for the Forest and Fitton for Denaby.

The whole of the Denaby team seem to be out of harmony, even the usually reliable backs, Jackson and Gregory, were uncertain under pressure. All the home players were triers, and that is perhaps the most kindly comment one can make upon their display.

For the Forest extreme wingers, Hollins and Brockley, Mercer and Fisher, the halfbacks, and Dudley in the defence alone showed adaptability to the prevailing conditions.

Terry Dyal, whose foot had been taken out of splints, was one of the small crowd of spectators, and he is hopeful of being able to assist Denaby in the coming of the matches.