Denaby Pit Hand has To Pay

March 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 25 March 1911

Denaby Pit hand has To Pay

Percy Peat, of Denaby, was charged with using abusive language on Sunday week, but the well tailored young man repudiated the charge, and had Mr Baddiley to defend him.

At half past one on Sunday morning, PC Glithro found Peat’s young brother, wandering about the street crying. He took the lad home and requested that he should be admitted. Percy Peat open the door and abused the constable

In cross examination witness denied that he had laid hands on the defendant. He didn’t think it right to have the lad wandering about the streets at that hour of the night.

PC Needham, who corroborated, said that Percy Peat and his brother, Roland, both used bad language.

Mr Baddiley said that defendant worked at Brodsworth, and only came home to Denaby at weekends. On Saturday night week he had been to Mexborough with his sister and when they returned, two of the younger brothers started quarrelling. One of them Osmond, was punished, and he cleared out in a fit of temper. The officer brought him back, and was abused by Roland Peat. Percy never said a word.

Defendant said that PC Glithro on entry knocked him onto the piano. He wished to go for the constable but was restrained by his father and mother and brothers. The officer assaulted him in the presence of the family.

Superintendent Hickes inquired why he hadn’t summoned the constable, if he had all these witnesses.

Defendant replied that he was going to do so. All he said was to ask the officer for his warrant. Then the officer set about him.

Mr  Baddiley: Did your father advise you of the utter uselessness of summing a policeman at this court? Peat: Yes

Roland Peat said he opened the door for PC Glithro who at once struck Percy six times. Witness abused the police, but Percy didn’t speak. His father “pulled a face” at the constable.

Osman Peat, the brother was found wandering the streets, said it was Percy who went to the door.

Roland Peat interjected from the back of the court. How could you see?

The lad then said that it was Roland who opened the door. P.c. Glithro hit  Percy two or three times.

The Superintendent: Was he struck six times ?

Witness: He only struck him twice, and occasionally two or three times at once. (Laughter.)

Elizabeth Anne Kendray, mother of the defendant, said she was upstairs. The officer struck Percy.

In cross examination she admitted she didn’t see the alleged assault took place. She was in bed and heard the brothers turn out Osmond. They were making a fearful noise.

Charles Kendray, husband of the last witness, who was also in bed, said that Percy was struck, although he didn’t see it take place. (Laughter). Percy used no bad language, but he swore that night when he got excited.

After lengthy hearing, Percy was fined half a sovereign (10/6 -52 ½ p) inclusive.