Conisborough’s Filler Fined for Breach of Colliery Rules

February 1912

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 24, 1912

Conisborough’s Filler Fined for Breach of Colliery Rules

John’s Scotting, filler, of Conisboro’ was summoned for a breach of colliery rules at Cadeby on February 7th.

Mr. Frank Allan appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Colliery Company, and explained that defendant was charged with breach of special rule 4. He was engaged as a driver in the pit on the day in question, and was bringing along a horse close by the endless rope. He went down the main haulage road and met a train of tubs, with the result that the horse was pulled up and kelled. That was a very dangerous thing to do.

“If there had been another train of tubs coming in the opposite direction,” proceeded Mr. Allen, “there would have been another smash.”

John Firth and Herbert Cooper, who also worked at the pit, corroborated.

The Chairman, in fining the defendant 40/- inclusive, said it was a serious offence.