Kimberworth  96 Denaby  68                  

20 May 1892

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 20, 1892

Hallamshire League

Mexborough  78 for 2                                                    White Lane  41

Nicholson 40*, Bamforth 33*                                      Beckett  3-10, Bamforth 2-1, Nicholson 2-19

This League match was played at White Lane on Saturday, when owing to superior all-round play the visitors were enabled to score an easy victory. No fault could be found with the Mexborough feeling. The batting of Nicholson and Barnes first was a treat, was the bowling may be judged from the analysis above.

Bennett’s wicket-keeper was a treat to witness, and if he would only keep it up, we have no hesitation in saying that he will be second to none.

Swinton  75 for 1                                                              Sheffield Collegiate  72

Athey 38*, Belk 36*                                                        Dr Lockwood 16, Webster 15; Athey 5 wkts

This League match was played at Swinton on Saturday before others of 800 spectators. Four Swinton Athey and Belk showed remarkable form, each being not out with 38 and 36 respectively, while for the visitors Doctor Lockwood and Webster played well.

Other Matches:

Kimberworth  96                                                              Denaby  68                                                                         

Salkeld 36, Dilks 20; Lawson 4 wkt, Riley 4 wkt     Fisher 28, Burdon 16, Wallace 11

Played at Kimberworth on Saturday.

Wombwell Main  82                                                       Cudworth  57

Bennett 21, WH Sykes 25; Hardy 4 wkt                   Hardy  18*; Bennett 4-9, Holmes 4 wkt

Played at Wombwell Main on Saturday. Bennett for the home team took four wickets for nine runs. Bennett and WH Sykes batted in fine form.

Tankersley United  28                                                    Mitchells Main  74

Lisle 6-8, Kilner 3-2                                                           Bedford 22, Greasley 11, Priestley 14

Played on the Tankersley ground on Saturday, before a good number of spectators. The visit put on 74 runs, owing to the excellent batting of Bedford, Priestley and Greasley. The home team did not make any stand, with the exception of Hemingway and Walker.

Lisle took six wickets for 8 runs and Kilner three wickets for 2.