Marconigrams – August 01st, 1902

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 01 August 1902


Kite flying is the favourite amusement of Mexborough boys just now.

The new Central Infants School at Mexborough is nearing completion.

There will be to Bank Holidays in next week – Monday and Saturday

Everybody was asking last Friday morning what was the meaning of “Marconigrams.”

It is intended that Oaktree shall be planted at Wombwell on the 9th inst. – Coronation Day

It has been suggested that present Montagu Hospital could be made into a good police court.

A breakdown at the Hickleton Colliery on Monday led to a large attendance at Goldthorpe sports.

The Wombwell Town Hall Clock is now in good going order. It requires to be wound up every eighth day.

The great annual tea in connection with the Mexborough Montagu Cottage Hospital is indefinitely postponed.

The bus traffic between Mexborough and Denaby Main has fallen off considerably during the past fortnight.

The discussion on the water supply of Swinton is full of spirit, as will be seen by the correspondence on the subject.

Some members of this Standing Joint Committee were in Mexborough on Tuesday, looking for the site for a new police station.

The Mexborough Theatre is to be reopened on Monday next, the play having a curious title of “They Dorothy.”

There were three dailies and a fight at Goldthorpe sports on Monday, so that spectators have plenty of excitement.

The policeman has been stationed longest in Mexborough’s PC for; in fact, is by far the longest policeman.

The Conisbrough school board are making an appeal for food for those children attending the day school who are in actual want.

The brave act of Mrs Spavin, Pitt St, Mexborough, in saving two children from drowning, ought not to be allowed to pass unrecognised.

Mexborough athletes have this season been very successful, both in cycling and running, and some valuable prizes have been brought into the town.

A great deal of angling is done in the Dearne and Dove Canal, between Swinton and Wath, and last week a few colds were caught in the rain.

The numbering and renumbering of the houses in Mexborough has been quietly and very satisfactorily carried out. The brass figures take a good polish.

The co-operators who met at Denaby on Saturday were much impressed by the size and neat interior of the colliery schools in Rossington Street.

There was no platform at Goldthorpe for the hospital demonstration on Sunday, and consequently much of what the speaker said could not be heard.

The National Anthem has been frequently sung of late, but there are many men who have not yet learned that it should be sung with the head uncovered.

An additional electric lamp in Park Road, which was lighted for the first time on Tuesday evening, is much appreciated by the inhabitant of the Common.

Six months hard labour was the sentence on the postal mail cart driver who stole letters containing money owed that have been posted at the Denaby pillar box.

The new stations on the Midland Railway, from Darfield to old walk on much larger than the old one. Perhaps the most convenient is that Kilnhurst.

One does not hear any complaints of bad smells from the refuse destructor at Mexborough, so it must be concluded as the destructor is doing its work satisfactory.

The surface workmen at Denaby and Cadeby are thrown out of work by a dispute which does not concern them, and they are appealing to the public for support.

There are folks who would object to planting of oaks at Mexborough on Coronation Day, on the ground that the function would be imposing acorn duty on somebody.

A Thurnscoe man tried to jump through a window on Saturday night. This shortcut led to other cuts, and he has had to be treated at the Montagu Hospital.

One of the great needs of Mexborough is a public hall, but we shan’t get one unless he have a public haul – that is, unless we find money in an unexpected manner.

Signaller Cellini, the well-known Mexborough entertainer, has accepted an engagement at Killarney for the season. He has taken with him his aquadigipsycharmonica.

The whole subject of evening and technical classes for next winter is to be discussed at a special meeting of the Wombwell School Board, to be held next Tuesday evening.

There was a large number of visitors in Mexborough on Saturday night, but probably owing to the stoppage at the Denaby and Cadeby pits, not so much trade as usual was done.

A number of men who are affected by the dispute at Denaby and Cadeby collieries were entertained to dinner on Sunday my Mr T Venables, of the Union Inn, Doncaster Road.

The Denaby Main Co-operative Society are nearly completed the building of 41 new six roomed houses, each fitted with a bath, and with a hundred yards of garden land attached.

A Mexborough fishmonger dispose of all his fish at Denaby the other day, but he didn’t get paid for it, and now he considers himself lucky is “customers” left in the horse and cart.

A Wath woman has been fined 10s and costs for striking another woman with a bottle of cider. It might have been urged for the defence that they were simply “having a pop” at one another.

A large sum of money representing the taking of the refreshment tent at the Goldthorpe Sports on Monday was stolen. The tail been very near to some canvas, someone cut a hole in it, and took the money.

“Enough is as good as a feast,” is an old saying, but there are some Swinton people declared they will not have had enough with the feast week, but must have another dude the first week in August.

“How are you getting on with the electric lighting Mexborough?” Asked a critical Swintonian. “Oh,” responded the Mexbronian, “some of the lamps won’t answer.” “How’s that?” Asked the Swintonian eagerly, “Because they can’t speak “ was the reply.

A Mexborough man was seen knocking his head against the posts of one of the arc lamps on Saturday night.” What’s the matter?” Asked a sympathetic passerby. “England’s lost, by three runs!” was the doleful answer, followed by another bang on the posts.