17 August 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 17 August 1912

Mexboro’ Overwhelmed

Denaby’s Fine Victory

Denaby 120 for 1   Mexborough 96

The Denaby team were amply revenged on Thursday for their defeat at Mexborough earlier in the season. The Mexborough team on this occasion were simply overwhelmed.

Mexborough were at full strength, but on paper Denaby had a weak side, although the team was materially strengthened by the inclusion of Mr. Smith, the new manager of Denaby Colliery, a Warwickshire wicket-keeper and batsman of considerable repute.

Batting first on an easy wicket, the Mexborough batsmen failed to make much headway against the Denaby trundlers, who were changed about with commendable frequency by the Denaby captain. The policy paid handsomely, for with every change there came a wicket. Lester hit out brilliantly, but five good wickets had gone for 36. The Mexborough captain came to the rescue with a determined innings, which realised 36 not out. He was rendered considerable assistance by J. Severns, who played patiently and defended resolutely. The Mexborough’ total was 96.

The Denahy innings was opened by the captain, P. C. Bury and J. E. Esland. both of whom played the Mexborough bowling, and runs came at an easy pace. The score had reached 31 when the Denaby captain was out to a well-judged catch. This was Mexborough’s only success, for thereafter Arthur Robinson and Esland hit out rigorously, and wiped out the deficiency without much trouble. Esland had some good look but he batted finely and Robinson displayed quite his best form. It was distinctly an “off-day” for the Mexborough bowlers.

The scores were as follows: