Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Wath Athletic 0

28 August 1922

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 28 August 1922

Wombwell  1  Mexborough Town  1

A crowd of 3,000 saw Wombwell draw 1 – 1, with their neighbours, Mexborough Town, at Wombwell.

The home side won the toss, but Mexborough made the first serious thrust. Then the attack settled in the other end and up to the interval Wombwell were unmistakably the better side. The forwards worked well together, and Hurst and White were particularly smart’ on the right wing, with Redfearn doing justice to his reputation on the left. White scored for Wombwell from a corner nicely placed by Redfearn.

After the cross-over Mexborough took’ complete control of the game, and there was not a weak man in the side. Evinson equalised with a surprise goal after Kennedy had miskicked.

Denaby Beat Wath.

A splendid encounter was seen at Denaby, where Wath lost 1-0.

The home club was represented by a side including several newcomers, and Wath, in Dawson and Burkinshaw, boasted two former Denaby “stars.” Play throughout was evenly divided, and, if Denaby experienced hard luck in failing to score in the second half, before they got the one goal of the game through Kemp, Wath had come very near to scoring in the earlier stages. The pace was fast, lively attacks sweeping from end to end, and severely extending the defences in turn.

Powell, Denaby’s left winger from South Wales, was brilliant, and Cameron, though some of his efforts at finishing were very faulty, led Wath’s attack in fine style.