Bad Denaby Sportsmen.

September 1924

Mexborough & Swinton Times, September 20

Bad Denaby Sportsmen.

If the Denaby United Football Club were to receive sixpences from all who watch their matches – part, of course, from the members, and impecunious pressmen – there would not, perhaps, be so much to complain about in the financial support received.

But they do not get all those sixpences.

To get a ‘free peep’ at any match on the Denaby ground is not a difficult matter – there are points of vantage on the Welfare ground, and on the allotments.

The surprising thing is that in a sporting community like that of Denaby, there can be found men mean enough to take advantage of these, rather than hand over their ‘tanner’ once a fortnight or so.

The real sportsmen are quite indignant about it, and righteously so.

The guilty ones are evidently keen enough on football to watch the games. If it is worth all that trouble, surely it is worth the sixpence that will help to keep good football going in the place.