A Big Town with a Big Heart

April 1918

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 03 April 1918

A Big Town with a Big Heart

Denaby does not show its best side to the people who know it only from the railway.

It is realty a big town with a big heart. Perhaps no town in Yorkshire is run quite on the same lines. It owes everything to the paternal interest of the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Co., and especially to Mr W. H. Chambers, the general manager of the Company.

The keen interest it takes in the war and in its soldiers, was revealed at a great gathering last night in one of the finest halls in Yorkshire. That may seem a claim to make for Denaby; but the biggest cities in the county would be hard put to e to produce larger or more handsome (inside) public halls.

Something like 2,000 people assembled last night to honour four local heroes who have won decorations in the war. Workers at the pit subscribe fixed amounts, the top Colliery Company adds half as much again and each soldier from the district who a decoration gets a gold watch worth £15 15s. and an illuminated address.

One of last night’s heroes has fallen in the war. His portrait, in colours, was presented to his widow, and there was a gold locket and chain for his little daughter.

This close contact between the men and the home town has a wonderful influence both ‘on the soldiers and on those who carry on at the pit.