A Burial Question at Conisbro’.

June 1899

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 06 June 1899

A Burial Question at Conisbro’.

A monthly meeting of the Burial Committee was held on Monday night, when there were present Messrs. Holmes (chairman), Robinson, Hirst, Harrison and Smithson.

The business included the signing of  cheques to the amount of £10. 11s. 8d. and of burial grants to Messrs. Atkin. Lindley, Nicholson. Burden and Marsden.

The income had been £10. 76d Mr. Robinson brought forward a question as to interment, a grievance having occurred by the burial of a body in a Public’ grave, when the desire was to have a purchased grave.

The Chairman said a wrong impression evidently existed as to the notice to been given. The case had been brought to his notice.

Much bad feeling seemed to have been created by the burial in a public grave when th relatives were prepared to purchase a graver and intern the deceased decently and respectively.

On going to the caretaker o’clock in the morning the official insisted on receiving 48 hours’ notice to prepare a purchased grave. The rules said that two days’ notice had to ‘ be given exclusive of Sunday. A person surely could not be expected to give notice at 6 o’clock in the morning. He contended that 11 o’clock in the day was a reasonable hour for the application to be made.

Mr Robinson said the family was very much grieved about the matter. He hoped such a thing wold not happen again.

The Charman: I quite agree with what you say.

The matter then was dropped.