A Changed Man.

May 1912

South Yorkshire Times, May 25 1912

A Changed Man.

Councillor Arthur Moody of Conisboro’, writes to us complaining of the ostracism to which Albert Frost has been subjected to since his return to Conisboro’.

It will be remembered that Frost was sentenced to penal servitude as a of a shooting affray involving the death of a Sprotboro’ gamekeeper, and Mr. Moody points out that during his imprisonment his conduct was exemplary, and that two years and six months of his ten year term were remitted on that amount, and be earned allowances amounting to £6.

Mr. Moody states that Frost is a changed man and that, if given a chance he will develop into a useful member of society.

During his imprisonment he was initiated in the art of rope splicing, both in wire and hemp and became an excellent workman.