A Clever Motor Signalling Device (picture)

November 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 1, 1929

A Clever Motor Signalling Device.

A Composite photograph showing a motoring device invented and to be patented by Mr. G. W. Gulliford, of Denaby Main, who has a number of clever inventions to his credit.

This is an electrical signalling device, and in the loft of the photograph Mr. Gulliford is seen operating it on his own Singer saloon car. On the dash board are four buttons, operating two aluminium boxes, one fixed to the rear of the car, the other to the radiator. The boxes are stencilled with the signs, “Right,” “Left,” “Pass,” and “Stop,” and by means of internal lighting the necessary word is illuminated and shows clearly at night and even in daylight.

The driver may light at will any sign by pulling a button, which when the purpose of the signal has been effected is pushed back. The right half of the photograph shows the signalling board attached to the rear of the car. Underneath the switchboard is a pilot light which warns the driver if the apparatus is not working.