A Conisboro’ Canard – Baseless Report Contradicted – School Playground Occurrence

April 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 1, 1911

A Conisboro’ Canard.

Baseless Report Contradicted.

Unfortunate Occurrence in School Playground.

Rumours as discreditable as they are baseless have been current in Conisboro’ during the past fortnight.

It had been noised abroad that on Friday week a lad attending the Infants’ Department of the Morley Place Schools broke his leg while at play, and that he had been allowed to lie in the playground for two hours without any attention from teachers or pupils.

The report naturally excited the greatest indignation through the village, and apparently the majority of critics had not taken the trouble to have it verified. Letters of indignation have been received at our office. We have made inquiries on the subject from a very reliable source, and find that the report has been very disgracefully exaggerated.

It is quite true that on Friday, March 17th, a lad did sustain injuries while at play. It appears that he was playing on the Asphalted floor of the shed when two other lads pushed against him and he fell to the floor. The teacher of the class, who was only a few yards away at one went to his assistance, and Miss Swift, the head teacher (who was at the school door) was summoned.

She was by the boy’s side immediately, and he was carried into the school. A teacher, was a knowledge of first-aid work, was summoned, and after examination a message was dispatched Doctor Forster’s surgery. Meanwhile the lad was laid on the floor. The doctor arrived within half an hour, and treated the broken leg. The child was then carried home by his mother and sister, were being communicated with.

“It is ridiculous and cruel,” remarked an informant, it “to say that the child was left lying two hours on the playground. He wasn’t lying there two minutes, if so long.”