A Conisboro’ Playground.- Effect on Sunday Schools: Council Action Awaited.

October 1929

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 07 October 1929

A Conisboro’ Playground.

Effect on Sunday Schools: Council Action Awaited.

The religious bodies of Conisborough are anxiously awaiting the next meeting of the local Urban Council to see what action will be taken concerning the new playground on the Crags, which the council recently had transferred to their care from the Miners’ Welfare Committee.

There have been many complaints of the conduct young hooligans on the ground, and accidents have been all too frequent owing to this rough element.

The chief concern of the religious bodies, however, is the effect on Sunday schools. The playground is open all day on Sundays because the appliances are not provided with locks or chains.

As a consequence the Sunday schools have been deserted and in some cases half of the scholars have been absent.

“We have given the situation our grave consideration,” said a prominent member of the Parish Church to the “Telegraph” representative, “and are expecting the council to do something. We think the playground should be closed on Sundays as the other grounds are, but we should not mind if the playground was closed only during the Sunday school hours. We have appointed a deputation to meet the council if it becomes necessary.”

The Vicar of Conisborough (the Rev. H. Lee) said: I hardly think the making of the playground was necessary, as the Crags are a natural playground. The attendance at St. Peter’s School has been largely affected. I would not advocate the entire closing of the playground on Sundays because, were they closed, there would be hundreds of children who have never attended Sunday school left playing about in backyards or on the roads.”