A Conisborough Feud.

September 1929

Mexborough and Swinton TimesĀ  September 27, 1929

A Conisborough Feud.

At Doncaster Ernest Earnshaw, aged 58, of Conisborough was summoned for being drunk and disorderly at Conisbrough on September 7th. and with assaulting Robert Colman.

P.c Dobson said defendant was very drunk, but Earnshaw put condition down to the fact that he had been “fetched a slice across the head” by Colman.

Colman, who lives at 114 Mount Pleasant, Conisborough, complained that he was set upon in the street, by defendant, who struck him with a stick. Defendant had no reason for the assault, as he (complainant) had not spoken to him two years.

Defendant denied the assault, and declared that had been ill number of years, and that for the last two years complainant had continually slanged him. He was not capable of striking a blow.

The Chairman (Mr Mark Nokes) said the thought there had been a quarrel and both men would be bound over. For being drunk and disorderly, defendant would have to pay the costs.