A Conisborough Obstruction Case

January 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 15, 1886

A Conisborough Obstruction Case

Charles Appleyard, a youth about 14 years of age, of Conisborough Lodge, was summoned for obstructing the footpath with a horse at Conisborough on 20 December.

Defendant did not appear.

Police Constable Lovack said on the day named he saw the defendant’s horse obstructing the footpath. He watched it for about 20 minutes, when it was taken away.

Fined 10 shillings and 16s 6d costs.

Subsequently the defendant appeared in court.

Mr Hall, for the defence, pointed out their worships that the defendant in this case was not a man, but a boy, and the reason he had not arrived in time for the hearing of the case was in consequence of the bad state of the roads.

It appeared, Mr Hall said, that on the 20th ult the defendant’s mother was dangerously ill, and he was sent to Conisborough on horseback to fetch some medicine.

Mr Blake: The case is disposed of.

The Chairman: We cannot go to the hearing of the case again.

Mr Hall: I do not wish your worship to rehear the case. I want to state the Bench the reason the defendant did not appear, and also the circumstances under which the obstruction took place, and then if the Bench believe in what I say I should like you to reduce the penalty. Your worships were not told that the defendant was a boy, you should have been.

The Chairman: Go on.

Mr Hall: I will say that the defendant was sent to fetch some medicine, and arriving at the chemist shop he had to go up a back passage, and some person told to hang the reins on the hook on the wall, and so the horse did stand on the footpath, and the obstruction complained of took place.

The Chairman: The penalty will be reduced to 5 shillings instead of 10 shillings.