A Conisbrough Achievement

20 January 1951

South Yorkshire Times January 20, 1951

A Conisbrough Achievement

An achievement in the cycling world was revealed at the annual dinner and dance distributor of Conisbrough cycling club on the day.

In reply to the toast of “The Club,” Mr F Oldfield (N.C.U.) reveal that the club 12 hour ride of 235 miles to 15 yards was a club record by 11 miles.

This has been accomplished by Raymond Longley, who also broke another club record in the “100” by 22 minutes. Longley also gained first place in the “50” and was the club’s best all-rounder over all distances at an average speed of 21.71 mph.

During the past 20 years, said Mr Oldfield, the club has had its ups and downs, but the past year have been the most successful. There been an increase in membership in the financial position was found.

He paid a high tribute to Mr R Longley, club hon secretary, who apart from recycling records, had worked hard for the club.