A Conisbrough Grievance

September 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 23, 1905

A Conisbrough Grievance

Many respectable tradesmen and workmen are complaining – and complaining with good reason – because of the groups of gamblers who frequent the path leading from Conisbrough to Denaby Main across the North Cliff.

Where are the police? This evil is growing, and yet no attempt seems to be made to prevent this illegal gaming. To most it would seem an easy matter for an unknown member of the force and playing clause to capture these persons in spite of the many scouts that are set to watch.

One gentleman crossing the path last Sunday counted six separate groups, some betting on the turn of the dies, some betting on the turn of a tee-toe-tum, which were suspended race answers, others trying to find the “lady,” and others openly playing their game of cards.

Surely the respectable people in the neighbourhood of a right to expect what is a pleasant Sunday afternoon more shall not be spoilt them by these social pests.