A Dangerous Practice – Denaby Miners Fined

March 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 8 March 1909

A Dangerous Practice.

Denaby Miners Fined

On Saturday, Thomas Turner, Thomas Stoppard, and William Foster, miners, Denaby, were summoned Doncaster for breach of colliery rules at the Cadeby Mine.

Mr. Gichard, who appeared for the prosecution, explained that after the coal had been extracted if the back timber was taken down gas might be engendered and “gob” tires caused. There had been extensive “gob” fires in the pit. There were 16 props supporting the roof, which should have been drawn off, and the men only drew some away. Two days after only five of the props could be found, and the others must have been burned. The men ran the risk not only losing their own lives, but of causing the death of other men, and the loss of employment as well. It was important that the men should obey orders.

Defendants pleaded guilty, and were fined 20s. and costs.

Mr. Gichard stating that if this was not effectual the company would ask the magistrates to commit offenders to prison.

Nat. Rodgers and Thomas Corner, colliers, for a similar offence were ordered to pay like a like fine and John Sincox, pony driver, was fined 5s. and costs for neglecting to put a back stay drag behind the tub when going up the road.