A Defaulting Barge Man

May 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 22 May 1891

A Defaulting Barge Man

Richard, described as a labourer, was charged with stealing the sum of 25 shillings of which he was the Bailey, the property of his master, Francis Gillions

It appeared that on April 14, Gillions sent Harrison with a barge the Denaby Main Colliery for some coal, and gave him 25 shillings to pay for the mineral, as well as the customary canal dues.

Harrison, it is said went along the canal with the barges far as Denaby, but left the vessel moored there, and went away. If

On the 14th of the present month he again turned up in Doncaster, and Gillions saw him and asked him why he had not returned with the coal or with the money.

He replied that he had been poorly, but that he would pay the money back as soon as he could.

Gillions allowed the man a certain number of days in which to pay the money, and as it was not then forthcoming he had a summons issued against him.

The case was adjourned for further evidence.