A Denaby Brawl – Suspicious Magistrates – “Cosher” Produced

July 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 22,  1927

A Denaby Brawl
Suspicious Magistrates

When Alan Fenn, a Denaby miner, and his wife Charlotte, appeared at Doncaster on Tuesday for having assaulting Thomas Gilmore of 17 Balby St, Denaby Main, the complainant asked for the summonses to be withdrawn as the defendants had both apologised.

Mr W Lindsay Crawford, for the complainant, said that the man defendant was fighting with another man, and the complainant, who was under the influence of drink, joined in the fight, with the result that he was badly injured. In view of the fact that the apology had been given by the defendants and that the complainant was drunk he asked permission for the summonses to be withdrawn.

In answer to the acting Clerk, the complainant said the rubber “cosher” produced was used in the fight.

The magistrates expressed a desire to the facts and the complainant, on oath, said he saw Fenn and a man named Harry Marshall fighting. He went to see what was the matter. The two men started springing about and bumped against the complainant who had had some drink. He did not remember the rubber “cosher” being used, but it was brought to his house the following morning. Both defendants had expressed apologies, and he asked for the summonses to be withdrawn.

The acting Clerk said the complainant story in the box that morning was quite different from that which he told when he applied for the summons. He then said that while he was in the crowd he remarked “That’s Jim.” On that, a man came out of the crowd and deliberately struck him with the rubber “cosher.” According to the story of the complainant told there was a thousand in the crowd. As a result of the injuries he received he had to go to hospital.

The chairman (Mr J Dymond) said they were not satisfied with the case. The two statements which the complainant had made did not agree at all, and the case will be re heard next Tuesday for the evidence of a further witness, and the defendants were each bound over in the sum of £5 to appear on that day.

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 29, 1927

A Denaby Fight
“Cosher Produced”

The adjourned case in which Alan Fenn, a Denaby miner, and his wife Charlotte, were summoned for assaulting Thomas Gilmore, of 17 Balby St, Denaby was heard on Tuesday at Doncaster.

Gilmore said that on July 3 he saw two men, the defendant and a man named Marshall, fighting the street. There was a big crowd and he went to try and stop the fight. He was hit on the head and over the eye. He went and the next morning Thomas Ogley brought a “cosher” to him.

The Clerk said that when Gilmore apply for the summons he produced the “cosher” and said he admitted interfering in the fire that Fenn deliberately struck him on the head.

Thomas Ogley, of 14, Garden St, Denaby, said he saw Fenn and his wife arguing in the street with another man and woman. He saw Gilmore try to stop the fight and saw Fenn lift his right hand and strike it down with a blow. Witness went up to Fenn. He saw the “cosher” in his hand. He did not see Mrs Fenn commit any assault.

The case against Mrs Fenn was dismissed and Fenn was fined £1.