A Denaby Girl’s Experience.

December 1899

Sheffield Independent – Wednesday 13 December 1899

A Denaby Girl’s Experience.

Yesterday morning Police-constable Maynard, of the Rotherham West Ridng Police Force, stationed at Canklow, was informed by a labourer named Wilfred Hattersley, of Clifton avenue, Rotherham, that a woman was lying dead in a field near Whitehill road, Brinsworth.

The constable procured a stretcher from the colliery and went to the place indicated. He found the young woman was still alive. He removed her to the Atlas Hotel, Canklow, and she was restored to consciousness.

She then stated that her name was Annie Cole, that her lather lived at 64, Doncaster road, Denaby, and that she had been staying until the preceding day with Mrs. Haddock, of Mill Lane, Treeton.

She accounted for her presence at Brinsworth by adding that she had left Treeton, the previous evening to go to a situation in Sheffield, but when she got so far on the journey she changed her mind. She was returning to Treeton and walked from Tinsley as far as the new engine sheds at Brinsworth.

It was then about nine o’clock at night, and being afraid to go to Treeton at that late hour, She laid down in the field and went to sleep. Owing to her serious condition, Doctor Locke, of Rotherham, was called in, any advise that although call was out  immediate danger, she should be taken care of to prevent further con sequences arising from her long exposure.

She was therefore removed to the Rotherham Workhouse