A Denaby Man’s Revenge.

July 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 20, 1907

 A Denaby Man’s Revenge.

Wm. Grindle, a shaft repairer, of Denaby, was charged by James Rawson with assaulting him on July 3.

Complainant said he was coming home at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and on nearing Station Road he was met by the defendant, who came up to him and got him by the throat, endeavouring to strangle him. He also dragged him about the road, and try to get him up a back Lane. He asked the defendant why he had attacked him, but he did not answer. He then commenced knocking him about again, striking him in the face at the time. The man was drunk. He had no reason why the man attacked him.

Frank Hobson and G. Shagan gave evidence in support.

Defendant said the reason he attacked him was because he had been carrying tales from the pit to his wife. Complainant had lodged with him, and would have been with him now if he had only acted in the right manner. He denied being drunk, although he admitted having had some beer.

A fine of 2/6 and costs of 26/6 was imposed.