A Denaby Miner and His Watch

July 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 27 July 1900

A Denaby Miner and His Watch

A Denaby miner, named Fallas, was sued on Thursday at the Doncaster County Court, by watchmaker of Manchester, name Harris.

Mr Payson appeared for the plaintiff.

Defendant was sued for £2 7s 6d, balance of £2 15s, for a watch, which, were shown on paper, it was alleged he had signed.

Defendant: That is not my writing. I can write better than that.

The Judge: Where was it signed?

Defendant: In a public house (laughter)

defendant went on to say that he gave plaintiff 7s 6d, thinking that was the price of the watch. Plaintiff told him he (defendant) could have one for 6s, but what he wanted then was the money. He (defendant) took the watch to a watchmaker, who told him it was not worth 10 shillings.

The Judge: You should not have got drunk and sign your name to this paper.

Defendant: I never signed my name.

The Judge: Just write your name.

Defendant at once complied

The Judge: Ah, you will have to pay one shilling per month till it is paid off

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