A Denaby Miner on a Spree

June 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 12 June 1891

A Denaby Miner on a Spree

Daniel Taylor, miner, of Denaby, was charged with having stolen a cardigan jacket and pocket handkerchief valued 12s., the property of Frank Chatfield, a waiter, at the Reresby Arms, Denaby.

Prosecutor stated that on the 1st inst., he pot the jacket on a table in the tap-room. About five o’clock in the evening be missed it. Information was given to the police and Constable Midgley afterwards found the coat at defendant’s lodgings.

William Jecons, miner, of Denaby, said he was in the Reresby Arms, between ten and eleven in the morning, and he there saw the prisoner put the jacket on. He told him to leave it alone as it was not his. Prisoner went out, however, and soon afterwards returned in his shirt sleeves.

ln defence, prisoner said he went to the Reresby Arms and got “on the spree,” and a man told him someone had gone out and left the coat, and persuaded him to put it on. He got drunk and forgot to take it off and went home in it.

A fine of 40s., including costs, was imposed, or one month’s imprisonment in default.