A Disorderly Wedding Guest at Conisborough

May 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 08 May 1891

A Disorderly Wedding Guest at Conisborough

Edward Morton, glass blower, Conisborough was charged with being drunk and disorderly

Police constable Drury said on Sunday night, the 19th ult at 11 p.m. he was with police Constable Truman at Conisborough. Two girls came up and asked for the defendant to be turned out of a private house. The man was drunk and using bad language and was ejected.

He lives 40 yards away.

Mr Hall: There was a wedding there, the next day? – Yes – did the bridegroom invite him and he was not in? – I do not know.

Police Constable Truman corroborated.

Ann Gabbitas, spoke as to the disturbance in the house.

Mr Hall: you had a sister-in-law married? – Yes

Watt do you call the husband? – Bill Musgrave – He Is in court? – Yes.

He invited the defendant to the house – I have been told he did. He used

Mr Hall said he would not dispute that his client had been and had some drink, but he denied that he used bad language. However, in view of the evidence of the police he would not proceed further in the matter. The defendant had gone to the house because his friend was going to be married, and when the bridegroom was out they “would not give him a glass of grog.”

Fined 5 shillings and 17 shillings cost.