A Driver and the Cyclists at Conisborough

May 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 May 1891

A Driver and the Cyclists at Conisborough

John Hardy, carter, Doncaster, was charged with being drunk while in charge of a horse and cart at Conisborough.

A cyclist named Thomas Frost, sadler, Doncaster, said he was riding from Conisborough to Mexborough, and was knocked off his machine by the defendant’s horse. A friend was also riding his safety and was knocked down and rendered insensible, lying in that state ten minutes.

The driver was very drunk.

Alexander Needham and John Wastnedge also gave confirmatory evidence

The defendant was fined £1 14s. 6d., including costs.

He denied having keen drunk and said he did not see the cyclists approaching.