A Former Husband – Denaby Wife’s Status Challenged.

February 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 3, 1928

A Former Husband.
Denaby Wife’s Status Challenged.

An unusual defence was set up in a case at Doncaster on Tuesday,when Margaret Carmody summoned Aloysius Carmody, a Denaby miner, who, she said, was her husband, for persistent cruelty.

Margaret Carmody said there were three children. She was married to Alovsius Carmody on July 22nd, 1921, at St. Alban’s Church, Denaby Main. Carmody went to live with her in 1919. She told him that she had been married before. She was first married in June, 1912, to a man named Lucas, at Denaby. She lived with him for six weeks, and then he went to Canada. She had not seen him since. She then married a man named Walker at the Rotherham Registry Office in. November, 1913, and he was killed in action in 1916. Since Walker was killed she had not gone through any marriage ceremony except with Carmody. In August, 192 Carmody fell ill, whilst he was at her house, and was visited by the priest, who, on moral grounds, urged them to get married.

They were in the following July, and she had since lived with car Moody as his wife. Her maiden name was Margaret Mannion.

Mr. Furniss, for the defence, submitted that the couple are not validly married, and suggested in cross examination that the woman’s first husband Sidney Lucas, was alive in residence in the district.

The case was adjourned for a fortnight in order that enquiries could be made respecting Sidney Lucas.