Conisborough C.C. – A.G.M. and Averages

February 1901

The Mexborough, Swinton Times, February 22

Conisbrough Cricket Club.

Annual Meeting Last Night.

The annual general meeting of the Conisbrough Cricket and Loan Tennis Club was held last night at the Red Lion Hotel, Conisbrough. There was a good attendance of members and subscribers.

Mr Godfrey Walker, J.P., the Pres, occupied the chair, and among those present were the reverent W a Strawbridge, vicar; Dr Craik, Mr W.W.Norwood (treasure), Mr G. W. Laughton, Mr T Mosby, Mr T Nesbitt, Mr W. D. King, Mr C Ward, Mr T Oxley, Mr R Hawley, Mr J Day, Mr W Appleyard, Mr C Farrell, Mr C. Norbron, Mrs C Walker, Mr T Kelly, Mr A. Sowden, Mr H Marshall (secretary), Mr F. Martin, Mr F. Hurton,

Mr H Marshall (the secretary) reported that the club had joined the Doncaster and District Junior League for the second team. There were six other clubs in the League.

Mr Norwood stated a professional had been engaged for next season. F.White, who had been with the Filey cricket club for three seasons. White was down for a trial match at the end of last season. He came with very good credentials and testimonials. Mr Herbert Sharp and make personal enquiries and Filey, and what he found was very satisfactory. White came from Cottingham, near Hull; he was aged 23 years, and been engaged for 20 weeks. He was a single man, a splendid bat and a fast bowler.

Mr Marshall read out the averages for all matches, which were as under:

Conisborough C.C. Averages 1900 Conisborough C.C. Averages 1900


Matches played 42, won 22, lost 15, drawn 5. This first team finished fifth in the Mexborough and district league.

Mr W.W.Norwood (the treasure) and read the balance sheet, which showed that the receipts amounted to £126 7s 11d and included subscription for 1900; £46 2s; gate money , £11 7s; from the Ball Committee £20; from the sports committee £44 11s 7d.

The expenditure included wages £21 9s 7d; talent money £1 5s, and there was a balance in hand amounted to £45 2s 2d.

On the motion Mr T Mosby, seconded by Mr Norwood, the President, Mr Godfrey Walker, J.P., was unanimously re-elected to that position. Mr Norwood remarked that Mr Walker had been president since the commencement of the club, and the reverent W.A.Strawbridge said. Mr Walker, and always been a friend of the club, and they were indebted to him. In many ways. He had given the club substantial support.

It was decided that several ladies and gentlemen should be written to, and asked if they would become patron and vice president. The following officers were elected: Treasurer. Mr WW Norwood, secretary, Mr H Marshall, captain of the first team the reverent W A Strawbridge; vice captain Mr a Walker; Capt second 11 Mr E.W.Keys; vice captain Mr F. Tomlinson; Thursday. Team captain, Mr W.W.Norwood; vice captain, Mr W Appleyard; and a committee