A Goalkeeper in Trouble. (picture)

February 1899

Sheffield Independent – Monday 20 February 1899

A Goalkeeper in Trouble.

The Doncaster Rover’s Club goalkeeper, John Eggett, was summoned on Saturday at Doncaster for using abusive language at the Conisbro’ Railway Station, on February 8th.

Inspector Lovett, of Sheffield, appeared on behalf of the Great Central Railway Companv.

A porter named Alfred Lee said the defendant asked him what he was “jawing about,” and threatened to “knock his neck out. Seizing the witness by the neck defendant, said, “I will knock your young face off; I shall thrash you when you are not on duty, when those clothes are off.”

Frederick Marsden, booking clerk, said he heard the language complained of. The defendant and others were swearing.

Witness warned the men that he should send for a policeman if they did not desist

The stationmaster, Mr. H. J. Richards, said he told the defendant he should want his name and address.

The defendant refused to give it and said, “I’ll walk to Doncaster first.” The defendant then jumped upon the line and walked away, but he subsequently returned.

Defendant said he did not swear.

The stationmaster, seized him by the coat and he said “I would like five minutes with you if I was off duty. The stationmaster said it was in consequence of what the defendant stated that he replied “If I was off duty I would oblige you.” (Laughter)

The defendant called two witnesses, named Wm. Smith and Herbert Widdow.

Chairman (Mr. Warde- Aldam) said it was rather a bad case, and the defendant must pay 30s. including costs.