“A Good Friend” – Conisbrough Council Tributes to Colleague

October 1957

South Yorkshire Times October 26, 1957

“A Good Friend”
Conisbrough Council Tributes to Colleague

Tributes to his devotion to duty as a councillor and Trade Unionist were paid on Wednesday by Conisibrough Urban Council to Coun. I. Houghton, twice Chairman of the Council, who died last week.

Members stood in silent tribute to Coun. Houghton.

Coun. R. H. Sheppard said, “Workmen (have lost a good friend in Coun. Houghton. He was a good man for the collieries and for the local authority, honest and trustworthy.”

Said Coun. T. Davies, “It is always a sad thing when a man goes through life, gets to retiring age, and does not live long to enjoy his retirement. I admired him because whatever ideas he got, he stuck to them. He would stick to the bitter end no matter what the opposition. We can always admire that in a man.”

S the aid Coun. D. Sheldon, “For years we were on the same committees. There is an old saying that if you want to know a man the you have to work with him. All the time I have known Coun. Houghton, if he had an idea in his mind and the thought it was right, it always took some shifting. He was a really forthright man. If he had anything to say, he would always say it. He has been a good councillor, good workman, especially for the Trade Unions, and a good workman for the collieries.”

ISaid Coun. G. Cheshire, “I met Coun. Houghton many years ago, and over the years there has been a feeling of affection between us, and I had come to respect him. When I look across the table I shall miss him.”

Said Coun. H. Williams, “I can only reiterate what has been said. He was a man who could not be Intimidated, and a man who stuck to his guns. I have disagreed with him many times in this Chamber, but once the argument was over,there were no ill-feelings, and; there was always a pat on the back.”