A Life of Crime.

January 1908

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Friday 03 January 1908

Sheffield West Riding Quarter Sessions

A Life of Crime.

A very awkward customer was Thomas Squires, alias Thomas Henry Squires, described as an engine driver, of no fixed abode, who was committed on three counts obtaining food and lodgings false pretences and one of theft.

“Neaw, I won’t answer nowt,” he declared stubbornly. ‘’Everybody ought to drop down dead when they tell lies.”

He shouted and raved at the Court, inducing a violent spell of coughing, and fell groaning and crying like a child. He had at last to be removed from the Court. The charges against him were of obtaining food and lodging by false pretences from Sarah Ann Henderson with intent to defraud at Ecclesfield on September 5th: from Harriet Walker. Ecclesfield, on November 4th: and from Annie Gabbitas, Conisborough, on October 21st and 27th.

He was also charged with stealing one silver watch, a silver albert chain with a silver medal and metal compass attached, belonging to Patrick Fitzgerald, Conisborough, on October 26th.

Since 1869, the chairman, said, the prisoner had constantly lived a life of crime and had only recently completed a period of penal servitude of five years. He would, therefore, be sentenced to three years penal servitude.