A Mean Theft

December 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 17 December 1921

A Mean Theft

On Saturday, at Doncaster, a young married Frances May Churms, pleaded guilty to stealing three gramophone records, valued 6/-, belonging to Elijah Davies, of Denaby.

Supt. Minty pointed out that the prosecutor was subject to epileptic fits and had a seizure while at the Mexboro’ Market on Saturday night, where he had purchased the records. While in the fit prisoner was seen to take the records, and was heard to remark that she knew the family quite well, and would leave them. She did not do that and the father of the prisoner advertised in the “Mexboro’ and Swinton Times” for them but did not receive any answer.

A young woman who happened to be in the Market Place at the time saw the prisoner take possession of the records and communicated with the police. Prisoner admitted the offence and added that she was sorry it happened.

Evidence was given by Eva Denman, 71, Braithwell Street. Denaby, who said on the night of November 26th she saw the prosecutor fall forward, apparently in fit. She saw the prisoner take possession of the records.

The father was also called. He said he got no response to the advertisement. He went to see the prisoner after something he had heard, and asked her about the records. She said she was sorry they were broken, and further that she had given them to a man in the Market Piece. He was not satisfied and gave information to the police, and later went to the prisoner’s house with P.c. Rushton and saw prisoner hand over the records to the officer.

Prisoner told the magistrates that she went to the assistance of the prosecutor, when he was in the fit, thinking she was doing him a good turn. A man with a full face told her she had better take possession of the records. Asked why she told the father they were broken she said she thought he was going to make a bother about it. She was expecting to have a child.

The Bench dismissed the case.