A Mexbro’ Collier ” Buried Alive.”

July 1889

Sheffield Independent – Monday 15 July 1889

A Mexbro’ Collier ” Buried Alive.”

A collier, named Thomas Turner, employed at the Denaby Main Colliery, had a painful experience on Friday.

While in the mine a large quantity of coal fell upon and around him before he could escape. His comrades, who saw what had happened, raised an alarm and at once set to work’ with a view of rescuing him. But so great was the quantity of mineral upon him tbat they feared he would already be dead.

For three hours Turner was thus completely hid from view, and just as the coal had been sufficiently cleared away to enable the miners to see the poor fellow’s head another fall occurred.

The exertions were renewed with redoubled vigour, and at last the entombed miner was rescued. The workmen were pleasurably surprised to find that their mate was not killed, although he had been hemmed in so tight and so long, but he was seriously wounded about the arms and body.

Under medical treatment it is believed he will soon recover.