A Miner and His Debts – Censure by the Judge.

July 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 24 July 1891

A Mexborough Miner and His Debts

Censure by the Judge.

At the Doncaster County Court yesterday, Mr. Alexander, barrister, Barnsley (instructed by Mr. Rideal), appeared for Mrs. C. M. Sprout, assignee of the book debt of John Tannery, provision dealer, Denaby, who claimed £20 13s 10d for goods supplied to Stephen Whitehouse, miner, living in the Manvers Main Mexborough. and for whom Mr. Baddiley appeared.

The defence was a plea of the statute of limitations.

Judge Bristowe said he was quite cognisant of the way adopted by the miners in such matters; he knew all by heart. (Laughter.) It was a great folly to trust people who acted like that; but absurd though it was he was afraid it would be repeated. (Laughter.)

Mr Alexander (to the defendant’s wife): You have a son that enlisted’ —Yes.

When was that ?

When we were on strike at Denaby ; about six years ago.

Did you go to the plaintiff’s house and ask him not to press for payment, as you had to pay to liberate your son ? —No.

His Honour: Did you buy your son off?—Yes. My father found the money.

Mr. Alexander: Did your father give you the money, or were you to pay It back to him?

He gave it. He is dead now.

lt was 1885 when these accounts were done ? – I didn’t owe a penny.

He says you owed him £15 – I did not

Mr. Alexander Then all the evidence is concocted?—Yes. (Laughter.)

You were very much surprised at the bill?—I should think I was. (Laughter.)

Such a thing had never suggested itself to you?—I knew I did not it

By Mr. Baddiley : My husband was getting better wages when I was at Denaby. He works at the Manvers Main Colliery now.—What family had you in 1884—Seven.

And how many now?—Ten.

You did all the business, and your husband knows nothing about it ? – No.

His Honour gave judgment for the plaintiff.

The defendant said she not pay more than 4s. per week, and that was the