A New Cottage Hospital

September 1889

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 09 September 1889

Cottage Hospital For Mexborough.

The intermittent agitation which has been carried on in Mexborough during the past few years favour of the election of a cottage hospital for the district has at last met its reward, and there is now no doubt that within very short time the institution will established and in working order.

The idea of budding an hospital in commemoration the Queen’s Jubilee was warmly espoused by not a few, but Dr. Sykes had not a sufficient following to ensure the scheme being a success and it has laid dormant ever since until a few weeks ago, when a number of representative working men of Mexborough and Swinton, headed by Messrs Liversidge and Piggford, with Mr. Clarke secretary, began to bestir themselves, and they have succeeded where others have failed.

Numerous meetings were held, at which promises of support were received, and the question of a desirable site discussed. That the institution must be central was admitted, as it will be open to all the collieries and manufactories within of three miles, which comprises a population of close 30.000 people, the major portion of whom are employed at occupations of a more or less dangerous character.

The Primitive Methodists of Mexborough having vacated their old schoolroom in High street for newer and larger premises, the committee put themselves into communication with the landlord, Mr. A. Montagu, through, his agent, Mr. T. Gundy, with the view of ascertaining his feelings on the subject letting the place for the purpose desired and on favourable terms. The committee have been met in manner which far exceeded their expectations. Mr. A. Montagu, although granting his consent, referred the committee to his brother, Mr. J. Montagu, on several matters, and daring the past week or so negotiations beween the two parties have been in progress.

Mr. J. Montagu’s full sanction has been obtained, and there is now no difficulty in the way that can prevent the establishment of institution whose want has been so sorely felt in district where accidents, trivial and serious, are of daily, and sometimes hourly, occurrence.

A meeting of the committee was held Saturdav evening, presided over by Mr. H. Liversidge. All the industries of Mexborough, Swinton, Wath, Conisborough, and Kilnhurst were represented, and there was a delegate from every colliery.  A letter was read from Dr. Sykes, informing the committee that he had received a letter from Mr. James Montagu approving the proposed site and granting its use at a nominal rent. The landlord has kindly undertaken to put the place in state of proper repair, and Mr. G. White, C.E., Mr. Montagu’s Mexborough representative, has received instructions to make all the alterations in the building that may necessary to render suitable for the purposes of its establishment.

The large room will converted into wards, operating room, consulting rooms, etc. It is intended that there shall fourteen beds, and they will be open to the district indicated. Doctors Sykes and Twigg have promised to attend the hospital at any time, though the patients, after first aid has been rendered by those nearest hand, will be entitled to the attendance of any doctor they please.

The committee passed a resolution that letters should be sent to Mr. J. Montagu and Mr. A. Montagu, and also Mr. Gundy, thanking them for the kind manner in which they had received the application and acceded to the committee’s request, which exceeded the most sanguine expectations.

It was also decided that a Hospital .Sunday celebration shall be inaugurated for the whole district, and that the opening of the institution shall celebrated by a demonstration. The hospital will be sustained by voluntary contributions, and it is estimated that about £200 will required every year. The expenses of furnishing, etc., will also be met by private subscriptions, and the committee will shortly make appeals, both for money and articles.  A ladies committee will be formed with the object of begging the necessary beds, bedclothes, linen, etc., required for the establishment.

The work will be proceeded with as quickly as possible , The object la being eagerly taken in the district.