A Nuisance to the Neighbourhood.

March 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 27 March 1931

A Nuisance to the Neighbourhood.

When it was revealed that William H. Green, miner, of Denaby, who with John W. Miller, miner, also of Denaby was charged at Doncaster on Tuesday, with using violent and abusive language, had 14 previous convictions, the Chairman (Mr. G. E. Cooke-Yarborough), asked for more information about Green’s character.

P.C. Howarth said it was an ordinary ease or using violent and abusive language at 10.45 p.m. on March 8th. From subsequent enquiries he thought the quarrel arose between Green and Miller, because Green was refused admission to a club of which Miller was an official.

The Chairman (to Green), You seem to be a nuisance to the neighbourhood. In 1927 you were convicted five times. We shall fine you £3 or you will go to prison for a month.

Miller who did not appear was fined 12s.