A Pit Lad’s Cruelty to a Pony

September 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 27, 1895

A Pit Lad’s Cruelty to a Pony

George Dixon (18), living at Mexborough, was charged with gross cruelty to a Pony, to which he was the driver, at Denaby Main Colliery.

Mr Hickmott in prosecuting, stated that while driving a Pony in the pit the truck he was driving came off the rails. Dixon shouted to a pit to stop, but the Pony, no doubt been a little frightened by the accident to the to, did not do so, and Dixon picking up a heavy piece of iron known as a locker struck the pony several very heavy blows with Mr Hickmott said the lad had been before the court several times for cruelty, and asked the bench to make an example of him.

John Fisher was called, and in reply to Mr Hickmott said he was in number 59 level on the 17th inst and saw the prisoner striking the pony with the piece of iron. Witness what took to him and told him to desist, whereat he struck it again, and used very filthy and obscene language to witness.

John Latham, a driver in the pit, also gave evidence as to the prisoner’s ill-treatment of the Pony stop

John Guest, head horse keeper at the college, said that when the Pony left the stable in the morning it was perfectly sound and healthy, but when it came back it had a lump as big as a hen’s egg raised on its back, and it was otherwise suffering from the prisoner’s cruel treatment.

Prisoner was not defended, and denied striking the Pony with the iron.

He was sentenced to 2 months imprisonment with hard labour.