Denaby Utd – A Promising Half – David Brown (picture)

September 1925

Mexborough and District Times September 19, 1925

A Promising Half

Dsc07661 brown

Denaby United have a knack of finding good halfback, and among their young players in this department none shows more promise than David Brown, the 20-year-old Mexborough cricketer, who was good enough to go 1st to the wicket with Ralph Burkinshaw in last summers Mexborough week matches.

He reaches his majority in October, and will then have had seven years continuous development in football. When 14 years old he started playing with Oxford Road in the Mexborough Sunday school League, and in his 16th year was their captain.

A couple of seasons later he was found helping the notorious Resresby Arms club – who performed such wonderful feats last winter – in the Doncaster Amateur League. Then Denaby saw him and at once took a fancy to him and his work.

Last season he fell regularly into the left half position in the Denaby Midland league side, and played there a cool and thoughtful game that marked him out as a halfback worth taking a bit of trouble over. He marks his men exceedingly well, yet never forgets to give plenty of the assistance to his own attackers in front. Nor is he wanting when there comes one of those chances of a halfback long shot. Though he has to develop his ability in this direction a bit yet.

But in tackling. covering, and feeding he is already developing rapidly. He is a mixed lad and if we are any judges, should be one more to add to the list of Mexborough products who have made good in the wider world of football.