A Quarrel at Denaby Main.

February 1901

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 February 1901

A Quarrel at Denaby Main.

Yesterday, before His Honour Judge Masterman at the Doncaster County Court, Charles Cawood. of Pitt street, Mexborough, claimed £2 11s. 4d. from Thomas Nelson of Denaby, for an assault upon his son, Walter Cawood.

Mr R.A.H. Tovey for Cawood and Mr W Baddeley for the defendant.

Walter Cawood, 15 years of age, said he lived at 40, Pitt street, Mexborough and was an engine tenter, employed at the Denaby Main Colliery. Whilst following his employment on the 25th Oct, 1903, the defendant came down to the engine room, where he was, and started pushing iron plates over. When the witness told him to cease pushing the plates over he swore at him and throttled him.

The defendant slapped him on the face, and also hit him in the mouth, knocking three teeth out at the bottom. He was taken to the inquiry office, and afterwards taken home in a trap. The price of new teeth would be £1 2s. 6d., the doctor’s bill amounted to 15s, and there was 6/4 for two journeys to Sheffield to the dentists. His mother had to stay at with him three days, and lost wages amounting to7/6.

Other witnesses were called to evidence as to the assault.

Nelson mid be worked at the pit hill, where Cawood was engaged. On the morning of the 25th Oct. be went into the cabbie to have his snap. When he had got sat down Cawood spoke to him in a very impolite manner. He did strike Cawood, but Cawood threw a piece of coal at him. He had paid 19s. for the time Cawood was off work.

His Honour considered it a very serious assault, and gave a verdict for the plaintiff for the full amount claimed, at 10s. per month.