A Rag Gatherer’s Lot.

January 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 31 January 1902

A Rag Gatherer’s Lot.

Samuel Stones, a rag gatherer, of Denaby, was summoned by his wife Bridget Stones, for persistent cruelty, and he was also summoned by Benjamin Uttley (his father-in-law) for assaulting him on the 17th January.

Complainant stated that or the previous Sunday morning the defendant seized her little brother be the neck, and threw him out of the house. When she remonstrated with him, he ran her out of the house, using threatening language. The pre Thursday evening complainant was in defendant’s brother’s house, when the defendant tried to strangle her. He had neglected her many occasions never having anything in the house or gave her any money. –

Kate Wall stated that she wait in Benj Uttley’s home a week the previous Tuesday, when she saw the defendant knock his wife down.

Wm. Uttley, father of the complainant, stated that the defendant had nearly strangled her twice within the last fortnight.

Defendant denied having ever ill-used his wife. She used to go to the theatre four or five nights every week.

Jos. Rogers said he lived wear to the complainant’s; the defendant had done his duty.

lnspector Watson said he had seen the defendant out in the streets at two three o’clock in the morning, looking for wife. He seemed an inoffensive man, and seemed to be hard-working. His wife was always running about with young lads

The case was dismissed.

Wm Uttley then stated that on the date in question the defendant beat him somewhat cruelly.

Kate Wall and Bridget Stones also gave evidence.

P.c. Farr said on the night in question he was on duty in Church street, Mexboro’, when he heard someone shout “Murder!” He proceeded in the direction of the sound, and found the complainant with his mouth bleeding.

The case, after conflicting evidence been given, was dismissed.