Rash Act at Denaby


Mexborough and Swinton Times December 9, 1905

A Rash Act at Denaby.

Martin Hanover, driver, of Denaby, was charged with a breach of special rule four, at Denaby colliery, and November 24.

Mr W. M. Gichard prosecuted.

Geo Johnson, chargeman, stated that on the day in question the defendant was sent out of the workings by a deputy, but instead of going straight along the road he stayed about witnesses station for something like 20 minutes.

A run of nine full corves came down and immediately after the tubs had started defendant walked up the road behind them.

Witness called to him not to go the road until the tubs had landed, but he refused to pay any attention and went on.

A fine of 5/– and 9/– costs was imposed.