A Reminder of the Lock-Out in the Coal Trade

June 1899

Sheffield Independent – Friday 16 June 1899

A Reminder of the Lock-Out in the Coal Trade

During the coal war of 1893 Mr. J. Dixon, miners’ secretary and checkweighman, Denaby Main, along with the local committee, borrowed upwards of £1,100 in order to relieve the distress existing amongst the families at that time.

The miners signed an agreement to honourably pay back the various sums advanced to them.

County Court action, however, has had to be taken against a number of the men, and yesterday, at Doncaster, the following were sued, the sums ranging from 6s. to 40s. each:

Saml. Humphries, John Farrington, Jas. Dagnall, Thomas Mannion, Geo. Gill, Ed. Rogers, Hy. Bunting, and Jno. Baker.

Judgment was given for the plaintiff in each case.

There were also judgment summonses obtained against Arthur Calladine, Graham Sissons, Bartholomew Prendergrast, Jas. Thomas, Cornelius Perks, and. H. Boon.