A ‘Rum ‘Un’ at Conisborough

May 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 20 May 1911

A ‘Rum ‘Un’ at Conisborough

“it’s a rum ‘un if you can’t stand your own doorstep and tell folks off” said Mrs Elizabeth Johnson, of Conisborough to the bench. She and George Nicholson, miner, were jointly charged with using violent language on Friday week.

Nicholson sent his wife.

PC Lundy at 8:30 p.m. on the day named found Elizabeth and George abusing each other at a fearful rate. He counted 60 spectators. Elizabeth told him to go to hell, and said she could knock out 10 folks like George Nicholson. He ordered them into their houses.

PC Watson corroborated.

“I had great provocation, gents,” said Mrs Johnson. “They were slurring on me for about a week about my brother, and being short tempered I flew at him. He came out to me not me to him.”

The Chairman remarked that folks who wish to use such disgraceful land which should stay inside.

“Tell us what you’d do boys,” said Elizabeth.

Mrs Nicholson, in reply to the Chairman, said she was present at the bother.

“Is it true what’s on the summons?” Asked the Chairman. “It Is,” was the reply, but she added, there is one sentence that isn’t sense.”.

The Court smiled, and chairman said both defendants were to pay 2/6 and costs each. they were first offenders.