A Satisfactory Settlement.

February 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 13 February 1891

A Satisfactory Settlement.

Stephen Galwin, miner, of Denaby, had been summoned by his wife Mary for an assault, and she also applied to’ the magistrates for a judicial separation.

The case before the court last week, when Mr. Hickmott appeared on behalf of the husband. At his (Mr. Hickmott’s) suggestion an adjournment was taken to see if an arrangement could be made as to the amount of money to be allowed by the defendant on behalf of his wife’s maintenance.

Mr. Hickmott now said the parties met at his office after the adjournment, and the wife asked that her husband should allow her 7s 6d a week. He (Mr. Hickmott) had told her that defendant would consent to that. Soon afterwards, however, the complainant said, she thought she had been a good deal to blame, and they had better go home together. The husband, on hearing this, said he was willing to go with her, and they accordingly went away and had since been living together.

In the circumstances the parties now wished to withdraw the summons.

The Chairman (to the wife): You aggravate your husband by your tone.

Mr Hickmott : she said her husband was to blame, but she was also a good deal to blame herself.

The Chairman (to the wife): Your tongue is your defence and then your husband uses his fists. You must keep your tongue in order a little

The case was allowed to be withdrawn.