“Scrap” in the Dark at Cadeby Main – Virulent Conisborough Miner (re-trial)

August 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 2 1895

A “Scrap” in the Dark at Cadeby Main.

Robert Ramshaw, miner, Conisborough, was summoned for an assault upon Charlie Booth, at Cadeby colliery, on the 24th July. The case was adjourned from last week owing, as complainant alleged, to the fact that he was unable to bring witnesses, owing to defendant’s threats. He was now sworn, and deposed that on the day in question they were working down the pit together, then the defendant asked him (complainant) to fetch a stone out. This being against the rules complainant objected, whereupon defendant struck witness a violent blow when the eye and followed it up with several more. Witness did not strike that. Nothing happened after that, witness walking straightt home, as it was the end of the shift.

Defendant: I never struck him, he got a black eye with falling down when I pushed at him.

Witness, continuing, said it was half-past four when the row occurred.

Henry Sanderson, subpoened by the complainant, said he was in the pit when the alleged assault took place, and he was not working not far from them. What he saw was Ramshaw putting a tub a way on which complainant was leaning, and this taking away his support he fell down and grazed his eye in falling.(Laughter.)

Complainant: Didn’t you see Ramshaw strike me? – Witness: he didn’t.

The chairman: why didn’t you come last week? – Witness: I wish to have nothing to do with it. He was close to them, and was sure then Ramshaw never struck Booth. The quarrel commenced because complainant wanted to go home at 4:30, when his time was half-past six.

Benjamin Turner, also subpoenaed, was then sworn.

The chairman: what did you see? – Witness: nothing. (Laughter.)

The chairman: what did you hear? – Witness: swearing.

Complainant: didn’t you see Ramshaw throw a stone at me? – Witness: no; at a corve.

The case was dismissed