A Squabble at Denaby.

August 1889

Sheffield Independent – Monday 19 August 1889

A Squabble at Denaby.

At Doncaster Police Court on Saturday, Samuel Thurston, a Mexbro’ miner, was charged with having used threats to Sarah Venables, a married woman.

lt appeared that the defendant was brother to the complainant, and that he and his wife left Staffordshire at the sister’s request in order to work at the Denaby Main Colliery, where it was said the work was eight hours per day instead of twelve.

They came and lived with the sister, and squabbles then, arose, the complainant saying it was on account of the defendant getting drink.

Evidence was given as to the threats.

The defendant denied that he had threatened his sister, and said her husband got the poker to him. Having contradicted his sister while in the witness box, the defendant exclaimed, ” Accursed be ye for standing there and talking so ! ”

The defendant was ordered to pay £1. 3s. 6d.