A Superior Pit Pony at Denaby Main

August 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 12 August 1892

A Superior Pit Pony at Denaby Main

Wm. Lawley, of Denaby, was summoned for having contravened special rule 4 at Denaby Main Colliery by interfering with a jinny break used in the working of the mine, on the 25th ult.

Defendant pleaded guilty.

Mr. Hickmott, who prosecuted, said the defendant not only committed an offence endangering the safety of persons in the mine, but indulged in brutal conduct. He explained with regard to the jinny break, that the defendant lifted it up to save himself the trouble of waiting, as he wished to pass along a travelling road, but his action might have resulted in a run of full corves dashing down an iodine.

As to the defendant’s brutal conduct, it appeared there was very superior pony,” named Don, in the mine. This pony was fond of drinking out of a bottle, and the defendant Colin the bottles containing tea and belonging to other lads in the pit, and gave them to the pony to drink the contents. Don was also fond of fighting, and the defendant further indulged his spirit of mischief by setting Don to fight other ponies by kicking them. In one instance a fight lasted 25 minutes.

Sam Myers, a driver, in charge of the pony called Don, gave evidence.

Defendant said he never interfered with either Don or the other ponies.

The magistrates imposed a fine of 20s , including costs.