A Traction Engine Nuisance at Conisbro’.

June 1889

Sheffield Independent – Monday 17 June 1889

A Traction Engine Nuisance at Conisbro’.

Wm. Holmes, traction engine driver, living at Doncaster, was charged with having committed a breach of the Locomotive Act at Conisbro’.

A policeman stated that the defendant was allowing the engine to belch forth dense volumes of smoke when passing along the village, near to some cottages. When Holmes saw him, however, he at once stopped the smoke, and proceeded properly. He told the defendant he should summon him, and his excuse was that a bolt had been lost.

The magistrates told the defendant he was expected to consume his own smoke as far as practicable, and there was a penalty of £5 per diem for the offence.

Superintendent Blake said he had received complaints about the same kind of thing before, but not about the defendant.

The defendant was ordered to pay the costs.